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L to R: Jennifer McHugh, CPA--Director; Craig Burton, CPA--Principal; Kenneth Cronlund, CPA--Principal; Cynthia Bergvall, CPA--Director; Thomas M. Newman, CPA--Principal; Seated: James Bee, CPA--Director

About BBCO

Bee, Bergvall & Co. is proud to be providing high quality accounting, auditing, tax and consulting services since 1981. Drawing from our unique blend of extensive experience in both Public and Private corporate accounting, as well as our in-depth experience in Corporate, Not-For-Profit and Governmental environments, we are able to offer services and in-sights that few other medium sized Public Accounting and Consulting Firms can.

On January 1, 2013, the accounting firm of Burton & Browse joined with Bee, Bergvall & Co.  This merger increased our firm to 22 professional staff, a six person administrative team all serving clients through five locations.

We at BBCO are proud to serve you!