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The employees of Bee, Bergvall & Co. have significant breadth and depth of knowledge in key service areas.  Our team receive between 40-45 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) every two years, assuring that our knowledge is cutting edge.

Executive Team

James L. Bee, CPA
Cindy R. Bergvall, CPA

Kathleen V. Karatas, CPA
Jennifer J. McHugh, CPA
Elizabeth C. Vibber, MS

Professional Staff

Linda Bontempi
Craig Burton, CPA
Kenneth R. Cronlund, CPA
Anastasia K. Devlin, CPA
Kevin R. Jensen, CPA
Grace H. Kim, CPA
Vanessa L. Kirchner, CPA
Patricia A. Krymgold, CPA, MBA
Marianne C. Lock, CPA, MST
Yvette M. McMasters, CPA
Richelle Means, CPA
Denise A. Neason, CPA
Thomas M. Newman, CPA
Joann M. Paris, CPA, MBA
John J. Ramey

Laura J. Taylor

Mary Welsh
Cynthia L. Wharton, CPA
Randall P. Yardumian

Administrative Staff

Joan A. Williams
Diane J. Banks
Barbara M. Soldano
Deborah B. Sanson
Katharine E. Hindermyer
Marcy Rednor
Christine Conlan
Barbara Traumuller


Kaylin Campbell - Delaware Valley College
Olivia DiGirolamo - Cairn University
Andrew Martins - Temple University
Jordan Walls - Delaware Valley College