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Our Team

We have a dedicated team of staff that is focused on your success.

A commitment to clients. Expertise that goes beyond taxes and accounting. A problem-solving approach that is collaborative, proactive, and creative. The personal attention of a small firm, together with large firm capabilities. These are just some of the qualities that set Bee, Bergvall & Co. apart and have earned the trust of our clients.

Since 1981, Bee, Bergvall & Co. has worked with many different types of entities to meet their diverse tax, accounting, auditing, and advisory needs with exceptional personal service. We focus on planning, as well as compliance. In addition to producing accurate, timely tax returns and financial statements, we work with clients throughout the year to identify business challenges and opportunities, and to develop creative solutions.


Executive Team

James L. Bee, CPA, CGMA

Cynthia R. Bergvall, CPA, CGMA

Jennifer J. McHugh, CPA

Kathleen V. Karatas, CPA

Anastasia K. Devlin, CPA

Elizabeth C. Vibber, MS


Professional Staff

Linda Bontempi, CPA

James E. Brogan, CPA, MT, MST

Craig Burton, CPA

Kenneth R. Cronlund, CPA

Gina Guerin, CPA

Wendy Hack, CPA

Jacqueline Hutflus, CPA

Kevin R. Jensen, CPA

Grace Kim, CPA

Michele Klach, CPA, MS

Patricia A. Krymgold, CPA, MBA

Marianne C. Lock, CPA, MST

Yvette M. McMasters, CPA

Courtney Milano, CPA, MBA

Sue Moran, CPA

Denise A. Neason, CPA

Thomas M. Newman, CPA

J. Christopher Nurney, CPA

Joey Pflueger

Deborah B. Sanson

Valerie Scott, CPA

Laura J. Taylor

Cynthia L. Wharton, CPA

Randall P. Yardumian, EA


Administrative Staff

Joan Williams - Office Administrator

Cindy Irvin

Christine Conlan

Christine Craig

Marcy Rednor

Barbara M. Soldano

Kelly Schwartz

Victoria Worth